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Employee Value

NetEdge's corporate culture has been designed to create a value proposition for our most important asset- our employees.

Most organizations say "people are our greatest asset", yet, few practice what they preach. Some companies believe people need the company more than the company needs them and a lot of companies know what their employees cost but not what they are worth. At NetEdge, our employee value model is designed to provide a richer and more useful measure of the human side of a business with a key focus on enhancing employee worth.

Our corporate culture has been created on an organizational commitment model that defines the strength of our employee's identification, involvement and attachment to NetEdge and which in turn is supported by our organization citizenship behavior model.

Based on the above framework we ensure that we help to create value for our employees by deploying the following approach:

Employee Support
At NetEdge, we foster supportive relationships amongst our employees and focus on building open and constructive associations that enhance employee growth and development. We encourage participation and involvement of our employees across all levels and have created well defined policies to support these initiatives so that all employees are treated equally and on par. Our policies focus on creating a culture of work-life balance for our employees and include other initiatives like flexible work hours, job sharing, leaves and education, telecommuting etc.

Our infrastructure has been designed to include a range of services and facilities to enhance the well being of our employees while at work. These include: a Fitness Facility, Meditation Center, Recreational Lounge, Cafeteria and Library as well as a range of other services like a Book Club, Leisure Club and activities that include team building exercises, training and development. NetEdge provides a friendly environment in which all employees may seek answers and support for personal or professional problems that may interfere with their daily lives at work.

At NetEdge we allow our employees to take ownership of projects we entrust them to give them the opportunity to develop new skills and prove their competencies in their proven field. Thus, they are fully accountable for their achievements and given full independence on how they carry out their tasks. At NetEdge, employee support is instilled at every interaction with a key focus on delivering positive and value driven experiences.

Our organizational commitment includes:

Affective Commitment: This encompasses Job Challenges, Role Clarity, Employee Relation, Management, Accessibility, Equity Rights, Performance Appraisals, and Opportunities for Participation (among many other things).

Continuance Commitment: This depends primarily on employee skills, education, self-investment in the organization, benefits and compensations etc

Normative Commitment: This includes employee perception, attitude and behaviors influenced by employee experiences at work.

Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCB): This include individual employee contributions in the workplace that go beyond job requirements and duties and includes such behaviors as helping others, volunteering for extra-job activities and upholding workplace rules and procedures regardless of personal viewpoint.

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