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NetEdge & IBM Host Customer Roundtable

NetEdge hosts meet on "Enhancing Efficiency in your Business Ecosystem"

New Delhi , India (November 25, 2006) - NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and IBM recently hosted a Customer Roundtable; "Enhancing Efficiency in your Business Ecosystem," on November 24, 2006 at the Park. The event consisted of three key tracks that included, the IBM platform for On Demand Business, Redefining Customer Interaction & Enterprise Recruiting.

The Customer Roundtable, a collaborative marketing initiative is designed by IBM for its Business Partners to effectively reach out to potential customers, while utilizing the expertise of IBM and its technology in supporting the solutions the Business Partner showcases. The event was organized to demonstrate the importance of enhancing efficiency in the Business Ecosystem for internal and external audiences (primarily employees and customers) via two applications. The applications showcased by NetEdge included: netPeople, a Customer Interaction Management solution designed to enhance customer interactions and Resource Datamine, a Business Intelligence Recruiting Application designed to streamline and automate the recruiting life cycle.

The speakers for the event included: Mr. Kamal Gulati, Software Specialty Sales Manager- Information Management, IBM; Mr. Sunil Bhat, Alliance Manager, ISV & Developer Relations, North & East India, IBM and Dr. Manoj Saxena, CEO, NetEdge Computing Solutions. The two speakers from IBM spoke at length on the IBM technology, its level of flexibility, consistency and availability and the NetEdge/IBM Partnership. Dr. Manoj Saxena provided an overview on the functionality, features and capabilities of netPeople and Resource Datamine as well as the business benefits the two solutions provide in enhancing efficiency in the Business Ecosystem.

"The customer roundtable served as an excellent platform to reach out to a niche audience and bring them together for an evening. The event has helped us to showcase our products, demonstrate the credibility and reliability of the IBM technology that supports it as well as provide prospects for future growth and sales", said Dr. Manoj Saxena, CEO of NetEdge Computing Solutions.

Approximately, 50 Industry Leaders attended the event and the audience constituted CEOs and Senior Management from reputed companies like: Maruti Udyog, Thomson Digital, HFCL Satellite Communications Ltd., Crew Bos Products Limited, Sita World Travel and many more.

The three sessions were followed by an interactive question and answer round, as well as a lucky coupon draw, where the guests were given tokens of appreciation. The event culminated with cocktails and dinner.

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