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NetEdge CEO Selected as Member of IBM BP Tech Council

NetEdge Senior Management selected as members of the IBM Tech Council

New Delhi , India (December 27, 2006) - NetEdge CEO, Dr. Manoj Saxena was recently selected as Founding Chairperson of the IBM BP Technical Council, Delhi Chapter along with Mrs. Deepika Saxena, Senior Vice President, NetEdge who was elected as Core Member of the committee.

The IBM BP Technical Council is a forum that has been created by IBM to assist the career development of identified technical resources and the organizations they come from. The forum provides members' access to IBM Senior Technical Executives in order to give the members exposure plus the platform to collectively meet, brainstorm and provide an opportunity to jointly work on some of the identified initiatives and create a win-win situation for IBM and the partner. The forum will also serve as an opportunity to identify BP Affiliates and consultants to work with IBM and their respective managements to create a high-potential team of software technical consultants/architects/specialists.

"It is an extremely prestigious honor to have been selected as a Chairperson for the IBM BP Technical Council. NetEdge's association with IBM spans over 8 years and we work closely with them in implementing solutions for organizations across industries. Our Partnership with IBM helps us to leverage the IBM technology, services and solutions as well as supports our service portfolio ensuring both companies are deriving optimum business synergy and productivity. Though this Forum, we hope to continue to add the same value and look forward to enhancing our Business relationship", said Dr. Manoj Saxena, CEO, NetEdge.

The core objectives of the IBM BP Technical Council include: building a group of highly skilled and influential software technical consultants that make significant impact on software platform recommendations in the IT Industry or influence the solutions in the market, in capacity as individuals or represent their organizations as Senior IT Consultants. The Council also hopes to cultivate the Consultants to empower them to be strong influencers/recommenders for IBM Software and strategies, enhance software traction in the Indian market and foster a climate for sharing expertise, nurturing talent and providing avenues for growth.

The Forum members will provide guidance, discuss and shape the future strategy of SOA in the Indian marketplace. The Council will also be involved in the following activities: conduct Product Deep Dives or have sustained education, engage in discussions, participate in studies or topics related to SOA; provide full integration with the SOA+ Initiative, provide comprehensive Reference Architecture including ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus), Sense and Respond, Pub/Sub, and Complex Event Management.

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