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NetEdge CEO Listed in 2006 Edition of International Who's Who of Professionals

NetEdge CEO Selected for Inclusion in the International WHO's WHO Historical Society

New Delhi, India (August 21, 2006) - Dr. Manoj Saxena , CEO of NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been selected for inclusion in the International WHO'S WHO Historical Society and will be featured in the reputed and prestigious 2006 edition of the International WHO'S WHO of Professionals. The nomination is in recognition of the outstanding achievements of qualified professionals and includes an in-depth interview and biographical review on the recipient.

The International WHO'S WHO Historical Society(IWWHS) is an organization dedicated to documenting biographies on successful professionals since 1928. Over the years, their works have evolved into a series of highly selective and prestigious international reference publications. International WHO'S WHO of Professionals honors Presidents, Vice PresidentS, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and Chairmen of major corporations around the globe. With over 80,000 international members, IWWHS is one of the largest membership organizations worldwide.

"I am honored to be nominated and awarded such a prestigious title & plaque. The recognition was an excellent source of encouragement for me to continue in my quest for the betterment of society and to continue to strive towards ultimate success. Being the CEO of NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd., I would like to share this award with all my employees, because their contribution has been instrumental in making this company so successful", said Dr. Manoj Saxena, CEO of NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd., commencing operations in 1992, is one of the leading and most respected technology companies in India. Presently, NetEdge reports a turnover of Rs. 120 million. Dr. Manoj Saxena serves in the position of Chief Executive Officer with his broad background experience in data communication, networking, distributed and IBM mainframe systems. His success in managing global businesses and his exposure to an international environment have enabled him to play a key role in the executive leadership of the company and its successful growth.

As a recognized professional, he has undergone training at IBM Australia on MVS and VM System Programming and at Cornell University on Distributed systems. His solid performance across all NetEdge's activities has yielded excellent results and reflects the progress made in developing business lines, despite the competitive market environment. With the full confidence of investors and shareholders in his leadership, Dr. Saxena embraces the tremendous challenges his position brings and attributes his success to professionalism, experience, integrity, perseverance and commitment.

Capitalizing upon fresh and innovative ideas with a sharp focus on accountability and new IT and business insights that extend beyond traditional thinking, he plans on building NetEdge to 2,000-plus people, providing services in more diversified, intelligent devices and system whilst still driving growth.

About NetEdge
NetEdge Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been offering innovative IT products and services, at accessible price points to clients across the globe since 1992. Its corporate umbrella supports five business initiatives; a product portfolio that features over six applications as well as a suite of IT services. NetEdge is headquartered in New Delhi, India, with offices in U.K, Thailand and U.S.A.

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